storyteller with wicked fantasy

I like to create and I like to let my mind and imagination wander and create different stories, and also articles. Already as a young pupil, I enjoyed not only reading fantasy books but also making them up myself and writing essays was one of my favourite school activities.

I like to write my knowledge in articles because I can convey it in a clear and organized way. Obviously, I mostly write about puppyplay, but once I had a blog where I wrote about all sorts of things. Writing like this helps me a lot to organize my thoughts not only for others but also for myself. It allows me to clarify my views and argue out the gaps. And then it helps me a lot in interviews and workshops and lectures. I don't have to think hard on the spot about what to say when I've already written everything down before. Actually, I'm just repeating myself. So it may seem on stage that I'm not an introvert.

Sometimes this helps me to prepare for various "unexpected" events in the future. I play "what if that happens" or "what if someone asks me that question" in my mind, and prepare my reactions and arguments in my mind and sometimes in the article.

Mostly, though, I write my vivid imagination into short stories. Unfortunately, this has its pitfalls, which make my work very sparse and irregular: I dream about all kinds of things, but not everything would find its readers or can be written in a captivating way, especially for more than a few paragraphs. Moreover, I strive for catchy perfection when writing stories and often get stuck when I keep changing, editing, adding various details to make the experience perfect. And last but not least, the fantasy is not always unique enough, unlike any previous story.

So why am I writing them down at all? For myself, to satisfy my need to create and sometimes to just leave the idea stuck in my mind - until it is written down, it stays in my mind for a long time. But also to share my fantasies with others as inspiration. Sometimes I send them to my subs, sometimes to dominants or friends, and more than once Master Drex has surprised me with an action unexpectedly similar to my story.

If you want to read some of my stories, contact me, let's chat about your likes and I'll be happy to send you something inspiring. Although everything is in czech, so it wozld have to be traslated with some tool and I can't garantee the quality. ;)