slave owned and proud

This side of me has attracted me since I started discovering my sexuality. The practical beginnings were quite confusing, but they taught me an important thing - first, it doesn't make sense to just go with anyone, but it should be someone capable who will show me the real essence and who will care whether we both enjoy it. And secondly, the paths to enjoyment are rarely as straightforward as they appear in (porn) movies.

Since then I've tried quite a bit, but there's still a lot to discover. And not only with different activities, but also with different approaches and with different people. Sometimes I found it to be absolutely fantastic. Other times, I didn't feel like it gives me anything. And often I found out that I enjoy it, but not because of what it is, but what it represents in the overall dynamic of the Master and slave relationship.

Master Drex

I had been with several Masters, but as in many other situations, over time I began to seek new experiences and it was time to move on. Until I visited Master Drex in April 2017. We had been friends for many years thanks to the leathermen association and at that time I just wanted to try out a new toy he had bought. But I knew that I wouldn't enjoy it without the real lesson, so we agreed on a trial run. Everything worked so wonderfully during it that Master Drex accepted me without hesitation as his personal slave and I agreed without hesitation.

Even though it's been so many years, I'm still very satisfied and I believe my Master is too. We both like to discover and experiment. We enjoy expanding our horizons, trying new scenarios and acquiring new toys. But still we make sure that all participants enjoy it to the fullest. Plus, we're both exhibitionists, so we're happy to share our pleasure with others.

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