pup curious but lazy

I have always enjoyed playing a puppy. Since the beginning of puberty, I've had these tendencies. I forgot about it for a while, or rather I didn't know that it was called something and could be focused on. But when I accidentally discovered it later, everything clicked and I knew it was the right thing to do.

The slave had to be obedient, accurate, full of "Yes, Sir," and that didn't suit and help me as an introvert seeking escape. But a dog can have his own soul, sometimes playful, sometimes lazy, sometimes obedient. Everything is natural and right. And most importantly, a dog doesn't have to talk. No thinking and internal conversations, just barking or whining. And those come instinctively on their own, if you have a piece of dog in you.

Most of all, I found out that the dog's soul can manifest itself outside the bedroom and sexual games as well. Releasing it in a conversation with friends is very easy and liberating. And my friends weren't surprised - they had told me before that I had dog eyes, so it was just a slight expansion.

As for my nature, I imagine myself as Shiba Inu, who is cute, friendly, but sensible to smart, clean, patient, and sometimes too energetic. And even though I have a partner and Sir, my dog self is unowned. But I don't mind. I have fun like that with not problems.

Mr. Puppy Gran Canaria 2019

My Master visited the Canary Islands many times, and when he took me into service, he did not hesitate to invite me with him. Like him, I immediately fell in love with Maspalomas. The beach, the atmosphere, the people, and the clubs. When I was in the Canary Islands for the third time, I came across a friend on Twitter inviting pups to participate in the Mr. Puppy Gran Canaria 2019. I shyly asked him if I should go for it, and he - whether he believed in me or not, I don't know - urged me not to hesitate. An hour later, I was in the store to signed up.

There were a total of four competitors, all very nice dogs, and surprisingly, I was lucky to won the title. Well, I can't even express my feelings, the joy was so huge. Organizers of the competitions don't usually get the chance to winning a title, so it was unexpected and satisfying. To be a good representative, I started learning about the Spanish community more and I diligently learn Spanish. I was also in Barcelona for Mr. Puppy Spain 2020 as a judge.

Unfortunately, any other plans were interrupted by the pandemic, so I could only visit the election of next Canarian titleholder. But I still feel strong connection and dedication to Maspalomas and I try to help the organizers whenever I visit the island.