i a registered coder

I'm 38 years old. I was born in Pilsen, but at the age of twenty-one I have moved to Prague. I have been in a registered partnership since 2010 and still I love my partner irresistibly.

I work as an intranet (i.e. internal company website) and applications programmer. As a hobby I like to create something. Mainly web sites, but I enjoy organizing various events, writing and translating, and doing puzzles. I also like trying and discovering new things, so I like to try new cuisines and foods, drinking untasted spirits and mixing drinks, and learning languages - I know English and Czech well, German and Spanish badly and tried few more.

I regularly go to the gym and for a quick walks, but also I enjoy calm day on the beach or on the sofa with a book or a tv series, or a good company. Or just to lay down, close my eyes and listen to a good music, that always encourages my imagination.

I also like to travel around the Czech republic and Europe, but I prefer trips where my body and mind can rest. I want to explore new cities and places, but rather than chasing long tours or queuing in front of the sights, I prefer to just soak up the atmosphere with a walk and then enjoy the local wine bar. Therefore, and not only when traveling, it is important who I spend time with and whether we fit and complement each other.

And that's all there is to it for now. If you are interested in me more and would like to know more, you will have to ask yourself.


As an introvert, I'm rather quiet in a face-to-face meeting, but the more I live on the Internet. I don't go to dating websites much lately, but I follow social networks almost constantly. I'm there mostly as igamenir or igy. And now, more specifically:

Instagram - that.igy - contains mainly photos of me as a pup, handler or slave and experiences related to that (in english, NSFW)

Twitter - igamenir - contains photos and videos of me as a dog, handler, slave and it may be sometimes very explicit (in english, NSFW)

Instagram - igamenir - used for sharing experiences from my life and travel, but only the decent ones (in english, SFW)

Facebook - pavel.igy - used for more personal stuff shared with my family and friends, so I add only those I have met personally (in czech, SFW)

Telegram - igycz - my contact messenger. I have WhatsApp and Signal, too.

Jsem-Pes - igy - my profile on my own meeting site for pup players (in czech, NSFW)